Video: Chen Zhaoji flying swallow kites on the old city wall in Xian, China
Chen Zhaoji on Chinese Swallow Kites

"The swallow kite is very popular in my hometown. The small black swallow kite is an imitation of the house swallows that build their nests under the house eaves, called the house swallows in Weifang. The kite has black wings just like the real swallows. Normally they are flown in pairs, and there is a bamboo pole horizontally connecting the pair. Why do people fly them in pairs? “Swallows fly in pair like lovers”, that’s why there are two black swallows, one on each side of the bamboo pole with the string attached to the middle. When going up in the sky, they would move in tandem as if flying together and demonstrating their love for each other." — Chen Zhaoji