Wingspan Films is currently in production on Wind Above, Earth Below, a feature length documentary about China’s ancient folk kite and the artists who struggle to keep their tradition alive. The project was launched to film and interview traditional kitemakers, printmakers and calligraphers in mainland China and document their work and techniques.

Marcia Bujold, Director/Producer, is a filmmaker, graphic designer and art director with extensive experience in broadcast animation, web design and print media. Marcia has designed and directed a wide variety of animation, promotion and graphic projects for major broadcast companies: HBO, Cinemax, CBS, NBC, USA Network, Showtime, PBS and Court TV. Her animation and design work appears in several feature length documentary films, including Grace Paley: Collected Shorts, Doc, Fine Rain: Politics and Folk Music in China, Waterscapes, and When Learning Comes Naturally – which is part of PBS’s The Learning Child Series.

Marcia has a BFA in printmaking and painting with course work in film, film history and Mandarin.